Communications Strategy

Understanding the reality and needs of your target audiences is key towards building a relevant and solid communications plan

Geography, gender, age, behavior - defining target groups through various segments to narrow down the profiles of who do we want to inform/convert/convince.


Analyzing what similar organizations are doing, communicating about, working towards, and understanding how can we stand out & be relevant to our target audience.


Assessing the most efficient medium, online and offline channels on which it makes sense to communicate overall but also for specific projects or campaigns.


An in-depth analysis of how is the sector evolving, who are the key players, what trends are dominating and how is our target audience responding to it.

My experiences

Sarah started her career working as a Strategic Planner for an International Advertising agency where she served clients like Air France, Google, PayPal & INSEAD supporting their communications efforts across Southeast Asia.

After switching towards more citizen-focused work, she started working for different institutions and organizations, including one of the Communications agencies of the European Commission, working on different public campaigns related to European youth involvement in policy-making, environmental policies, SME support frameworks, and food products promotion.


I worked with Sarah on the communications strategy of AI research and art platform, Dreaming beyond AI. Sarah has helped us find our target audience, created our communications strategy and moderated our online launch event. She designed and produced different types of social media content and we grew our following significantly and received positive feedback on our communications from our community !                                                                                                                                                                                                        Sarah is a great copywriter, speaker and community builder on any topic. Empathetic,  dynamic, and creative;  it has been a joy to work with Sarah and I now consider her a long term collaborator.

Raziye Buse Çetin

Co-Founder, Dreaming Beyond AI

Sarah has been a great support for our communications strategy: creating focus, keeping realistic goals for our small team AND making big steps in improving our online communications at the same time.                                                                                                                And I love the way she works: dedicated to the work we do, making sure meetings are on-topic, and at the same time with an eye for the people she works with.

Inemarie Dekker

Co-Founder, Impact Direct